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    MPC can transform your local business into an international player overnight. How is this done? Three words: World Wide Web. The web can be a very inexpensive way of exposing your business to the entire world. For less than the price of a classified advertisement in the local newspaper, you can reveal your business to the world. We can help you do this.

Key Benefits

  • National and International Exposure - Your company's home page can be viewed by anybody with access to the World Wide Web. This means that your business can be seen all over the world.
  • Inexpensive Advertising - There is not another medium that can provide so much information to the entire world for so little money.
  • Join The Revolution - Chances are, your competitors are already on the web. However, with the help of MPC, your business can join this revolution and have the advantage over your competition.


MPC Leverages Microsoft Development Tools
With the help of Microsoft, the world leader in software development, MPC is able to give your web site a professional look in a short time.
Active Server Pages
Want to go beyond your normal static text and picture pages? Active Server Pages are upon us. ASP allows you to show your customers the information that they are looking for. Let us set up your web site to go the extra mile for your customers.
Java Development
Our staff has experience developing Java applications and applets. If you need to go the extra mile on your web page, we can help.
ActiveX Control Development
Need to go beyond HTML and Java? We can also build or modify ActiveX controls.
Recent Developments
Calabrese Auto Mall

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