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Version 1.64 Released on 05/23/16

    Digital signature added to ensure you have a safe copy of Tracker.

Version 1.63 Released on 03/14/16

    Updates for latest versions of Microsoft Windows. Removed USD currency symbol from reports.

Version 1.60 Released on 06/04/14

    Drag and drop from spare tire list has been repaired. Calculation of total cost on cost analysis report has been repaired.

Version 1.58 Released on 03/10/14

    Fix for spare tire list, so that you can perform actions on spare tires, such as retreading, repairs and adjustments.

Version 1.55 Released on 01/16/14

    Added code signing certificate to software to reassure users that software was built by MPC.

Version 1.54 Released on 09/26/13

    Removes duplicate positions on default wheel sets.

Version 1.53 Released on 09/26/13

    Added ability to move junk tires back to spare status.

Version 1.52 Released on 07/31/13

    Added registration instructions to trial period window.

Version 1.51 Released on 07/19/13

    Made a correction for installation of default wheelset when adding new equipment.

Version 1.50 Released on 06/28/13

    Fixed wheel position edit window, which was not updating wheel positions correctly.

Version 1.49 Released on 04/02/13

    Adjusted odometer rollover logic.

Version 1.48 Released on 03/26/13

    Tire history is sorted by date and odometer (or hour meter) on tire maintenance window. Warning(s) are issued if you try to add history record that is out of order (such as odometer reading lower than the previous one or tread depth higher than previous, etc)

Version 1.47 Released on 03/18/13

    Cost analysis report update to increase accuracy of tire costs.

Version 1.46 Released on 12/20/12

    Fix for adding tire model error.

Version 1.45 Released on 12/12/12

    Enable editing of tire sizes.

Version 1.44 Released on 11/29/12

    Allow search by tire brand number.

Version 1.43 Released on 11/16/12

    Give option of deleting unused equipment models to clean up data. On main menu select "Client Info", then "Equipment", then "Purge Unused Models"

Version 1.42 Released on 11/9/12

    Fixed problem of missing record on tire find by serial # dialog.

Version 1.41 Released on 10/30/12

    Removed popup warning for missing serial/brand identifiers when adding tires.

Version 1.39 Released on 10/13/12

    Repaired database connectivity issue when entering fleet check results.

Version 1.39 Released on 10/19/12

    Wheel selection update.

Version 1.38 Released on 10/19/12

    Updated database backup code to work with Win Vista, 7 and beyond.

Version 1.37 Released on 10/19/12

    Fixed crash issue in Windows XP when changing wheel selection.

Version 1.34 Released on 10/09/12

    Added ability to rename equipment/vehicle unit.

Version 1.33 Released on 9/26/12

    Updated interface and made purchase instructions more clear.

Version 1.31 Released on 9/21/12

    Fixed runtime error in tire maintenance dialog.

Version 1.29 Released on 8/29/12

    Added help files and updated icon.

Version 1.26 Released on 8/23/12

    Corrected issue which prevented users from adding tire models.

Version 1.25 Released on 8/15/12

    More configuration issues resolved in Win 7. Specifically, problems adding models and wheels were addressed.

Version 1.24 Released on 8/7/12

    Fixed configuration issues related to newer versions of Windows (Vista, 7)

Version 1.180 Released on 1/31/04

    Fixed various setup issues and database write errors associated with Microsoft Windows Versions 2000 and XP

Version 1.179 Released on 2/26/03

    Fixed several bugs in various reports as reported by users.

Version 1.177 Released on 8/22/02

    Removed a bug which caused wheels to be mis-configured when a user had duplicate equipment models.

Version 1.175 Released on 8/13/02

    Three new reports added: Manufacturer Brand Comparison - returns cost per/mile of each brand for every year. Unit Cost Comparison - returns cost/mile and total cost for each unit so that you can track which driver is using tires least efficiently. Brand Failure Report helps you identify weaknesses with each brand of tire.

Version 1.174 Released on 5/31/02

    New drag/drop functionality and tooltips added to main work screen (Tire Maintenance Window). User manual updated.

Version 1.173 Released on 5/13/02

    Optimizations as well as an error fix for the cost analysis report.

Version 1.172 Released on 1/12/02

    New optimizations and automations added to fleet check result screen. Also added more precision to cost field of Cost Analysis Report.

Version 1.171 Released on 1/11/02

    Insert page breaks in fleet check form so that records are not broken on separate pages.

Version 1.164 Released on 10/23/00

    Integration with Buy and Sell tires through your Tire Tracker software. Also made some user interface optimizations.

Version 1.163 Released on 10/29/99

    Added ability to store warranty information for every tire. Reports regarding warranty forthcoming. Also, added ability to use a database shared over a network. However, the database cannot be accessed to by multiple users concurrently. If the database is in use by another person, the name and phone number of the current user is shown.

Version 1.161 Released on 10/14/99

   Added Preliminary Version of new report 'Detailed Tire History Report'. Report provides detailed history of each tire. Currently, this report only shows the tires in the spare list. Awaiting approval of report format before optionally including currently mounted tires and junk tires.

Version 1.159 Released on 10/12/99

   Added ability to record cost, invoice number and reference id to each transaction. Also categorized transaction types to enable detailed histories. Added 'Auto-Brand ID Generator' which automatically generates brand numbers for tire users who brand their tires.

Version 1.158 Released on 10/5/99

   Added a method of copying default wheel set from an existing equipment model to a newly added one. When adding equipment of a new model, you will be prompted to select an existing model which closely, if not exactly, matches the wheelset of the new model. This will save you from having to manually add the wheels for a new model.

    Also corrected a mistake in the Site Maintenance Window pertaining to the 'Mount Tire' Button. Previously, if you pressed this button, you would see a message box telling you that the tire is not the correct size. The correct functionality of that button is to prompt you to enter a new tire for mounting when no spare is selected. When a spare is selected, that spare will be mounted on the selected wheel.

Version 1.157 Released on 9/30/99

   Two new reports have been added. The first of these is the Summary Cost Report. The Summary Cost Report is basically a one page report giving which tells the client his bottom line: How much do tires cost me each year, how much have they cost me so far this year, and what is the projected tire expense for the year.

    The second report provides you with a summarized version of your tire statistics. The Junk Tire Report shows you the reasons why your tires are failing/being disposed by percentage and what the average age of those tires are.

Version 1.155 Released on 8/30/99

   A new report was added; 'Low Tread Warning'. This compiles a list of tires in your fleet with tread depth which is less than or equal to the percentage tread you enter. The report is viewed using your web browser.

Version 1.154 Released on 8/16/99

   In response to several customers, print preview support and other options have been added for printable forms and reports. For more information see HTML Reports. Equipment can be setup as highway or OTR now. The difference is whether the equipment is tracked by hours or distance. Metric measurements (for pressure, distance and tread depth) may be enabled via the Owner Settings window.

Version 1.153 Released on 8/2/99

   ON-LINE HELP IS HERE! This version includes our first version of on-line help. Novice users should be able to get up to speed quickly using our "How Do I?" tutorial style help documents. There was also a fix to setup which previously prevented a small group of customers from being able to run our software. Also, we have removed some setup files which we believe to be unnecessary in order to decrease download times. However, if you are having difficulty getting your software to work, please contact customer support.

Version 1.152 Released on 7/25/99

    Readability was improved on the tire maintenance screen. Also, a mistake was corrected on the maintenance screen which made the information disorganized.

Version 1.151 Released on 7/23/99

    A change was made to allow users to transport their database from one machine to another. Also, the activation code was changed due to reports of piracy.

Version 1.150 Released on 7/14/99

    Fixed the evaluation period problem. Previously, the initial registration window would indicate that you still had xx days left. However, the following window would say that your evaluation period was over.

Version 1.149 Released on 7/13/99

    Version 1.149 changes the 'Lookup Tire by Serial Number' and 'Move Spare to Another Site' to use a list control instead of a list box. The list box version did not properly align the columns. Also, the tire wear graph was fixed so that it displayed the graph properly.