MPC Solutions Inc.
Tire Solutions Division

HTML Reports

Key Features
  • Printable Cost Reports - This is the bottom line. This report informs you of the tire cost per hour, projected cost per hour and projected hours of use. Every tire on every equipment unit is reported here.
  • Printable Fleet Check Forms - Once your fleet is setup in the database, this handy feature will save you the time of editing and printing your own fleet check forms.
  • Low Tread Warning Report - Allows you to filter the tires reported by letting you specify percentage tread left. For example, if you specify 25% tread left, all tires with 25% or less of their original tread will be reported. Also reports projected tread left based on current date.
  • Cradle To Grave Tire Tracking - MPC Tire Tracking can keep records of your tires from the time you purchase them. Whether you move the tire to another unit, repair it, retread it or adjust it, all records are kept.
  • Junk Tires - Once you send the tire to the graveyard, the junk tire database will keep track of why the tire was disposed, cost per hour, hours used, tread wear etc.
  • Central Operations Screen - This window shows your entire fleet so that you can easily make modifications, add or remove equipment or wheels, mount and dismount tires, view and print graphs, and other necessary modifications. This screen eliminates time otherwise spent navigating to different windows.
  • Multiple Clients - Whether you're a tire dealer or a conglomerate of quarry, mining or construction operations, this feature will allow you to break down your tire tracking sites by client, division and geographical site.
  • Searching - If you lose track of a tire or an entire unit of equipment, MPC Tire Tracking has a mechanism to quickly find where it was last reported.
  • Fast Efficient Execution - This application was written using object oriented C++ and MFC. What does this mean? This means your software not only runs very fast, but can be quickly and easily customized for your needs.