MPC Solutions Inc.
Tire Solutions Division


Key Benefits

  • Saves You Money - One of the greatest expenses in an OTR operation is in the purchase and service of tires. This software will enable you to make informed decisions about future tire purchases.
  • Saves You Time - This application was built with your busy schedule in mind. The original author has years of experience in the OTR tire industry. Every effort was made to reduce the amount of time you spend in data entry.
  • Keeps Your Records - MPC Tire Tracking stores the information entered about every given tire even after the tire has been sent to the grave.
  • Budget Estimates - (this feature coming soon) Want to know how much you will spend on tires in the next month, quarter, year, or any time period? This feature will give you an estimated budget as well as equipment will need tires and when based on historic averages.