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How HTML Reports Will Benefit You

    HTML is the language of the World Wide Web, which means it also the language that your web browser software understands. Since our reports will now be generated in this format, you will only be limited by the capabilities of your browser. Most current browsers give you these capabilities:

  • Print Preview Capabilities - What you see is what you get. This is one of the primary reasons for our move to this format. In our experience the only thing more frustrating than printing graphics and text, is trying to make it look the same on your monitor as it will on the printer. This capability makes generation of new report styles a very rapid process. Now if you need a custom report, our turnaround time will be greatly reduced.

  • Sending Pages via E-Mail - Does your boss, regional manager or even your national comptroller want a cost report? Now you can generate your report using MPC Tire Tracking and e-mail it directly to them without even opening your e-mail application. This option is normally found in the File menu of your browser marked 'Send'.

  • Fax and Other Printing Options - So your regional manager does not check his e-mail? Send him a fax. If your modem was purchased in the last five years or so, chances are it has fax capabilities. You can access your fax modem through your print options window.

    Beyond browser capabilities there are other perks to our new report format. Maybe you have a corporate Intranet. If so, your reports can be posted there for all to see without having to convert the file to HTML or worse yet, scan a printout. Additionally, since a new file is generated each time you run the report, you will have different versions of each report which can be compared to previous and future reports. Our reports have a dated filename structure. For example, if you were to generate a cost report on October 12, 1999 at noon; the file would be named:

c:program files\mpc\tiretracking\reports\cost report 1999 10 12 12 00 00 PM Tuesday.htm

    We think you'll agree that this is a definite improvement. Current customers have commented that they cannot preview the reports before they are printed. This is another example of how MPC goes an extra mile to satisfy the demands of our customers.

HTML Reports are now supported as of MPC Tire Tracking version 1.154.